About workspaces

A workspace is a virtual place in Whispir where users can collaborate and share information. It’s where everything in Whispir happens – from sending and receiving messages to creating contacts and reporting on messages.

Workspaces are great for separating areas of the business to allow teams of people to access just the information they need. For example, you might have a Payroll workspace that is accessible only by Finance team members responsible for sending payroll announcements to all staff. Or you may have a Customer workspace that the Marketing team uses for managing customer contact details and sending marketing messages.

Depending on how your company has set up Whispir, there may be many workspaces or just a few. There is no limit to the number that can be created. The default workspace is called My Company and it’s available to all Whispir users. You can access other workspaces only if you’ve been assigned to those workspaces by a workspace leader or a company administrator.

You use the Workspace toolbar at the top of the Whispir window to access your workspaces. See Change your current workspace.

Important! Each workspace has its own messages, contacts, users, teams, distribution lists and templates. So always ensure you're in the correct workspace when performing any tasks in Whispir.

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