About Whispir’s apps

Whispir’s four mobile apps provide access to key features of the Whispir platform from mobile devices.

If you’d like to know more about configuring and using the apps contact your Whispir account manager or contact the Whispir Support Team (support@whispir.com).

pushie icon pushie

Download free from Apple App Store or Google Play

Who’s it for? Whispir users and active contacts.

What’s it used for? pushie lets you communicate with your teams and customers more quickly, securely and cost-effectively using in-app push notifications from the Whispir platform. Use pushie to:

  • Reduce and control SMS costs
  • Communicate rapidly with your teams, especially at times when SMS and email are ineffective or unreliable
  • Send beautiful rich-content messages
  • Encourage real-time chat between the people who receive your push notifications.

See Set up and use Whispir’s pushie app.

oneclick icon OneClick

Download free from Apple App Store or Google Play

Who’s it for? Whispir users who need to rapidly invoke predefined communications scenarios.

What’s it used for? OneClick allows you to mobilise teams at a moment’s notice by running predefined Whispir message scenarios from wherever you are. It’s particularly suited to enacting emergency communication scenarios. The app is easy to use and can be secured with a personal 4-digit PIN.

See Use the Whispir OneClick app.

composer icon Composer

Download free from Apple App Store

Who’s it for? Whispir users who need to be able to:

  • Create and manage messages across multiple channels, templates, distribution lists and workspaces from their mobile device
  • Mobilise teams, initiate instant teleconferences and inform employees, stakeholders and customers when an event occurs.

What’s it used for? Composer lets you create and manage messages and templates, and manage distribution lists and workspaces. You can combine it with Whispir’s Maps module to track the location of iOS mobile device users.


Connect is a web-based app for mobile device browsers that is configured especially for your company.

Who’s it for? Whispir users and contacts. It’s ideal for companies with large customer service operations or dispersed and highly mobile workforces.

What’s it used for? Connect enables secure cross-channel messaging, conferencing, dashboards and geo-location check-in. You can:

  • Create and send messages quickly
  • View, manage, track and search messages in one location
  • Collaborate, interact and share information with co-workers.

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