View and understand a sent message’s status

A message’s Status page gives you detailed information about the sent message: How many recipients it was sent to, how many recipients received and acknowledged it, and how many recipients it couldn’t be delivered to. You can also view message responses, and publishing statuses for messages published to social media or other end points (such as RSS feeds, XML files and so on).


  1. Ensure that the required workspace is on the Workspace toolbar.
  2. Hover over the workspace to view the Workspace menu and then click Messages.
    The View My Messages page opens.
  3. Locate the message whose status you want to view.
  4. Tip! Click show filter button to use the filter options to help you find the message.

  5. Click Status beside the message.
    The message’s Status page opens at the Message Status view.

Tip! On the Status page you can open the sent message (and resend it if you need to) by clicking the Subject link at the top of the page.

Understand the Message Status view

The Message Status view lists statistics for the different statuses. You can click Reload Message Status to manually trigger a response data refresh.

Tip! Click show filter button to use the filter options to narrow the scope of status data.

view message status

Review message responses

  1. Click Message Response on the Status page to view response details.
    Summary information is displayed.
  2. (optional) Click show filter button if you want to apply filters to narrow the scope of response data.
  3. Click View Detailed Response Report to view the responses from individual message recipients.


  • If a voice message included optional responses, the Response column in the report lists the key each recipient pressed. See Configure voice settings for more information about optional responses.
  • If a response rule was applied to the message the responses are grouped and colour-coded according to the rule. See About response rules for more information.

Tip! In the Response table at the top of the page, if you click Show beside a response, the Detailed Status Report shows only the responses from the recipients that the status applies to.

Understand the Publishing Status view

The Publishing Status view displays information about messages that have been published to a social media service (such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn) or to some other end point (such as an RSS feed, a document file or XML file, or your company’s contact portal). It indicates whether they were published successfully or not, or whether they were unpublished by a Whispir user.

Note: If you’re experiencing problems with publishing your message (for example, its status has remained as Publishing for much longer than expected) contact the Whispir Support Team (

In the Channel column you can click any entry that has a link to open the message in the relevant medium (for example, Twitter or Facebook).

It may be possible to unpublish messages. See View your messages for more information.

publishing status view

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