Troubleshoot SMS delivery

Occasionally an SMS message is not received on a mobile device. Here are some possible reasons:

  • It’s a mobile device error: Try restarting the device to rule out any device-specific issues.
  • The mobile phone number isn’t in service: Try calling the number directly to see if it’s connected.
  • The recipient isn’t in a service coverage area: If this is a possibility try waiting until the recipient is likely to be in a service area again.
  • The recipient is roaming: The recipient may not have roaming enabled, or the network service provider in the country they are in may not handle international messages or is experiencing delivery issues.
  • The recipient is in the process of porting their number to a different provider: In this transition period message routing can be affected.
  • The message uses an alias but the country it’s being sent to doesn’t allow delivery to unregistered aliases.
  • The local provider's network is having issues and is experiencing delays.


Whispir recommends the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Review the delivery status information on the message’s Status page. See View and understand a sent message’s status for more information.
  • If appropriate, try resending the message to the recipient and see if the message status changes. See Resend a message from the Status page.
  • Try sending the message to a recipient who is with the same local provider or with another local provider. This tests whether the issue is on Whispir’s side or the local provider's side.

If you need more help contact the Whispir Support Team ( The team can investigate and, if necessary, raise the issue with service providers.

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