About scheduling messages

whispir logo This topic relates to Whispir’s ‘classic’ messaging features (not to the Rich Message Studio).

When you create a new ‘classic’ message you have the option of scheduling it to be sent at a later date or time. The scheduling feature allows you to:

  • Send a message once at a nominated date and time in the future OR send a message multiple times at defined intervals, starting at a nominated date and time.
  • Manage your scheduled messages: You can view, edit or remove (delete) them up until their scheduled send time.


Scheduled messages are effectively drafts. Because only you have permission to view your drafts, the Scheduled Items page only shows your scheduled messages. You can’t view or manage scheduled messages on behalf of another user.

Note: Any messages you create in the Rich Message Studio can’t be scheduled. Your messages can only be sent immediately. See About the Rich Message Studio.

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