About scenarios

A scenario is a predefined message that has been set up to send to a predefined list of recipients. Typically, scenarios are used in situations where it's important to get a message out to recipients as quickly as possible (such as in emergency situations). All a user has to do is run the scenario – they don’t need to review the message content or settings beforehand. For this reason it's important that any new scenario is fully set up before it's saved.

Here are some examples of situations where using a scenario works well:

  • An initial notification of an incident or outage to inform a group that something has happened.
  • A request for immediate assistance.
  • A staff well-being check when an emergency occurs (such as ‘Are you OK? Please respond immediately with either YES or HELP or emergency procedures will be activated’).
  • A pay notification sent to staff at the end of every monthly payroll run.


There are two ways to run a scenario:

  • From within the Whispir platform.
    You can select one or more scenarios to run at once and you can also edit a scenario before running it.
  • From Whispir's OneClick app on a mobile device (iOS and Android platforms).
    OneClick is the most common way to run scenarios.

Note: Using OneClick you can only run one scenario at a time and the scenario is not editable.

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