Use the rich message/template components

whispir logo This topic relates to Whispir’s Rich Message Studio (not to Whispir’s ‘classic’ messaging).

In the Rich Message Studio, messages and templates are created from a library of template components. Whispir provides a large selection of default components (for adding content such as text, images, buttons, maps and videos players) that you can use to craft your message or template. But you can also use them as a starting point for building and saving your own set of customised components.

The Components Library pane is available only when you’re at the Edit step in the message or template creation process. All the components provided ‘out of the box’ appear on the Default Components tab in the Components Library pane. Any that you’ve already customised and saved are listed on the My Saved Components tab.

Important! The default components added in Whispir’s 2018 Brenner release (sometimes referred to as the ‘V4 components’) are not compatible with rich templates created in earlier versions of Whispir. All your older templates are still available and their components are still editable. However, you cannot add the new components to them. And any components you saved prior to the Brenner release can’t be added to new templates. To use the new components you can only add them to a new blank template or to any of the ready-made templates provided in the Brenner release.

Note: On the My Saved Components tab of the Components Library watch out for the icon with a blue triangle in the top right corner icon for older components. It indicates your older saved components, which can’t be used with new messages or templates.

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