About message templates

Templates make it easy for you to create consistent messages quickly. Each one is customised with commonly-used message content, features and settings that can be automatically applied to your new message. Once you apply a template to a message you might need to adjust some of the content but otherwise your message is ready to go. Templates are great to use for messages that are sent on a regular basis.

Whispir offers two kinds of templates:

  • Templates available in the Rich Message Studio
    We recommend that you use the Rich Message Studio if you want to use or create templates with rich content (such as images and interactive features), particularly if you’ll be using the Web channel. The Template Library contains an extensive suite of ready-made templates, designed for a wide range of messaging situations. You can save any of them with a new name and tweak the content to suit your needs. See About the Rich Message Studio.
  • Templates created using Whispir’s ‘classic’ template functionality
    You can use them to quickly add great content and features to your messages. But be aware that they offer fewer options for including the highly visual and interactive components of the Rich Message Studio templates.

How do I view templates?

  • To view just the Rich Message Studio templates available to a workspace open the My Templates page (Workspace menu >Template Studio > My Templates). This is the workspace’s My Templates page. From here you can also click Choose template from library to access the full suite of ready-made templates in the Template Library. These templates are available across all workspaces.
  • To view the list of all templates available to a specific workspace open the Template List page (Workspace menu > Template Studio). Any templates shaded yellow are ones that have been saved to the workspace’s My Templates page from within the Rich Message Studio. All others are ‘classic’ templates.

Note: The Template List page doesn’t show templates that live in the Rich Message Studio’s Template Library.

How do I manage templates?

You use the Template List page (Workspace menu > Template Studio) to view, edit, copy, move, map or delete templates that are available to the current workspace.

Note: You can’t use the Template List page to manage the ready-made templates that live in the Rich Message Studio’s Template Library.

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