Use the message toolbar functions

whispir logo This topic relates to Whispir’s ‘classic’ messaging features (not to the Rich Message Studio).

When you’re adding content to a message you can use the functions on the toolbar in most channels (Mobile, Email, Web and so on) to help you prepare it. In the Email and Web channels you can also access rich text formatting functions.

Note: This topic also applies to templates created using Whispir’s ‘classic’ template functionality. See Create a new ‘classic’ template.

message toolbar

Use custom lists

You can add customs lists to your content in most channels (such as Mobile, Email and Web). They are predefined lists of options that help you create content more quickly and consistently.

  • Click custom list button to select an existing custom list.
  • Click add or edit custom list button to add a new custom list or edit an existing one.

See Create, edit and use a custom list for more information about using custom lists.

Undo or redo your changes or preview your message

  • Click undo buttonor redo button undo or redo your most recent content changes.
  • Click preview button to view how any @@ tags in your content are populated.
  • Note: Some @@ tags can’t be previewed because they can only be populated as the message is sent. See About @@ tags (at-at tags).

Check the spelling in your draft messages

You can use the Check Spelling function in all message channels to identify mistakes and correct them.

  1. Click check spelling button on a channel’s toolbar.
    Any spelling mistakes in your content are highlighted, and the Check Spelling button label changes to [n] Spelling Error(s).
  2. Click on a highlighted word to view a list of suggested spellings (if any are available) and click the relevant one.
  3. Click the button again at any time to rerun the spell check.

Apply rich text formatting to message content

You can apply rich text formatting in a message’s Email and Web channels to create a graphically-rich message that uses different fonts, text sizes, colours, tabs and bullet lists. You can also paste rendered HTML into them.

To access the rich text formatting toolbar:

  1. Ensure you have either the Email or Web channel active.
  2. Click rich formatting button.
    The rich text formatting toolbar appears.
rich text formatting toolbar
  1. Use the Rich Formatting toolbar functions:
Button group Button Action

text formatting group button

bold button italic button underline button

Format the selected text as bold, italic or underlined.

paragraph formatting group iocn

left align text button centre align text button right align text button justify text button

indent text right button decrease text indent button

Left justify, centre, right justify or fully justify the selected text.


Indent the selected text or move the indented text back to the left.

list group button

numbered list button bullet list button

Format the selected text as either a numbered list or a bullet list.


text colour button

Change the colour of the selected text.


text background colour button

Add or change the background colour of the selected text.


text font button

Change the font type to the default sans serif, serif or monospace font.


font size button

Change the font size of the selected text to one of 6 size options.


add word to dictionary button

Add a word to the dictionary:

  1. Click add word to dictionary button.
  2. Enter the word in the New Word field and click Add To Dictionary.

website link button

Add a website link that the message recipient can click to open a particular web page.

  1. Select the relevant link content in your message and click website link button.
  2. In the Insert/edit link dialog enter the URL and click Add link.
    The link appears as blue underlined text
  3. Note: The Use shorten URL and link tracking check box is not currently in use.


edit html button

Click to open the HTML Content pop-up box and edit the HTML markup or paste valid HTML.

Warning! Take care when using this function if you’re not experienced in editing HTML code.


clear formatting button

Clear all formatting from the selected text.


import web content button

(The Import Web Content tool is not currently in use.)


plain text button

Click to switch back to plain text.

Important! Any rich formatting you’ve applied to content will be lost.

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