Create, edit and use a custom list

whispir logo This topic relates to Whispir’s ‘classic’ messaging features (not to the Rich Message Studio).

A custom list is a predefined list of options that can be inserted into a message or template. A list might be made up of capital city names, days of the week, incident types, business phone numbers and so on. Custom lists make it easy to add information quickly and consistently to your message content.

You can create, edit and use custom lists at any time when you’re creating ‘classic’ messages or templates.

Note: This topic also applies to templates created using Whispir’s ‘classic’ template functionality. See Create a new ‘classic’ template.

example of a customs list

For example, you could create a custom list called ‘Support phone numbers’ and add all your company’s Support Team numbers to it. When a user creates a message and wants to include a contact number they don’t have to remember it or look it up, they can simply insert the list and then select the number they need.

Important tips:

  • Custom lists are created once and can then be used anywhere within your company. They’re not workspace-specific.
  • Take care when editing customs lists as other users may be affected by your changes.
  • If you edit a custom list that’s already being used in a template, you’ll need to open the template, delete the custom list entry and re-insert it.
  • Messages that contain custom lists can’t be sent until you’ve selected at least one option in every list you’ve inserted on all message channels.
  • When you insert custom lists in a template you don’t necessarily have to select options for them. Any user creating a message that uses the template is then free to select whichever option they need.
  • If you need to delete a custom list from a template, make sure you delete the list completely: select all content from a space before to a space after the list name.
  • If you’ve deleted a list but you can’t send the message or save the template, it’s likely you haven’t deleted the list completely. Try deleting the segment of text around where the list had been and retyping it.

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