View distribution lists

The Distribution List page shows you all distribution lists created for and mapped to (shared with) a workspace.

distribution list page


  1. Ensure that the required workspace is on the Workspace toolbar.
  2. Hover over the workspace to view the Workspace menu.
  3. Under Contact Management click Distribution Lists. (If you can’t see it, click More to view more commands.)
    The Distribution List page opens.
  4. Click a view option to switch between different list views:
    • Individual: Shows all distribution lists except temporary ones.
    • Grouped: Shows distribution lists in a hierarchical way if they contain one or more nested distribution lists (as indicated by a plus icon icon). Click the icon to view the nested lists.
    • Temporary: Shows distribution lists saved by Whispir for a brief period before expiring. They’re created when a user adds contacts to a new message. See About temporary distribution lists.
    • View All: Shows all distribution lists including temporary ones.
  5. Sort the list by clicking any of the available columns: Name, Description, # and Access.
    Clicking a column heading a second time sorts the data in reverse order.


  1. Review the Access column. It displays the type of access allowed for each list.
Access type Description


Contacts can self-subscribe to the list and also unsubscribe using a Whispir contact portal

By Approval*

Contacts can self-subscribe to the list but must first receive approval from a company administrator

View Only*

Contacts can view the distribution list but can’t subscribe. They can only be added by users


The distribution list is completely hidden from contacts and they won’t see it in any portal

Mapped The distribution list has been shared with this workspace from another workspace
*The access type may be followed by:
  • Private: Only contacts in the same workspace as the distribution list can subscribe.
  • Public: Contacts from any workspace can subscribe.
  1. To view the details of a specific distribution list click its name.
    The View Distribution List page opens, displaying the list members and any related escalations.

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