Add and edit person-to-person escalations

When a person doesn't receive or reply to a message Whispir can send the original message to another person on a list of escalation recipients defined in a static distribution list. Ensure that the people involved are aware of the escalation process and they understand that if they don’t reply as expected, escalation will be triggered.

You define escalation paths when you’re creating a new static distribution list or editing an existing static distribution list. See Create a static distribution list. (You can’t define escalation paths in dynamic and shared distribution lists.)


  • You can also escalate a message between an individual recipient’s devices, based on preferences set up in their contact profile (in the Default Notification Options section). For example, the message can be escalated from a recipient’s primary mobile phone to their secondary phone, or from their primary email address to their secondary address.
  • You enable the escalation feature when you’re creating a message. See Understand a message’s Features tab (for ‘classic’ messages) and Understand a message’s Features settings (for Rich Message Studio messages).

Add person-to-person escalations

  1. Access the escalation function from one of the following locations:
    • Use the New Distribution List page if you’re creating a new list (Workspace menu > New Distribution List)
    • Open the View Distribution List page (Workspace menu > Distribution Lists > click a static distribution list’s name)
    • Open the Edit Distribution List page (Workspace menu > Distribution Lists> click Edit beside a static distribution list).
  2. Click Add Escalation List or Edit Escalation List.
    The Edit Distribution List Escalate page opens.
  3. Locate the member you want to add an escalation point to and click Add beside their name.
    A dialog displays a list of all available members.
    You can use the drop-down list at the top of the list to filter the list.
  4. Select a name on the list to nominate as the first escalation point.
  5. Note: You can select any recipient on the list but they must be different to the original recipient, and you can’t set them more than once in this escalation path.

    The name is added to the first Escalate to column.

  6. Select other names on the list to nominate as subsequent escalation points as required.
  7. Close the list.
  8. Repeat Steps 3–6 for other distribution list members, if required.
  9. Click Save.

Edit person-to-person escalations

  1. On the View Distribution List page or Edit Distribution List page for a static distribution list click Edit Escalation List.
    The Edit Distribution List Escalation page opens. Defined escalations paths appear beside the relevant distribution list members.
  2. To remove a name in an escalation path click the minus icon icon below their name.
  3. To define a new escalation path follow Steps 3–6 in Add person-to-person escalations.
  4. Click Save.

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