View your contact portal messages

Messages viewable in the contact portal are private messages that have been deliberately published to the portal. That is, when users create the messages they activate the ‘publishing’ feature. The messages are only available to Whispir users or active contacts when they log in to their company’s Whispir contact portal and are possibly only available for a specific period of time.

Note: Only published messages appear in the contact portal. A message will no longer appear if the sender removes it from the portal (that is, unpublishes it). See Unpublish/remove a message from the portal.


  1. Log in to the contact portal.
  2. In the menu on the left of the portal page click Notifications.
    Messages are organised by the workspace they have been sent from and are sorted by message category and message label.
  1. To find a particular message based on its date:
    1. Click Filter.
      The date filter fields appear.
    2. Click the Date selector icon selector icon is clear.
    3. Enter the date range and click Apply.
      The Notifications page refreshes automatically.
  2. Click a message to view its details.
  3. If there is a file attached to the message click the file name to open it.

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