Review your distribution list subscriptions in the contact portal

If you’re an active contact, the Subscriptions page displays the static distribution lists that you have been subscribed to or have permission to self-subscribe to. Dynamic and shared distribution lists are not shown.

Depending on how each static distribution list has been configured (in its Access Type for Subscription field) you may be able to view, subscribe to, unsubscribe from or apply to subscribe to these lists. See Create a static distribution list.

Note: The Subscriptions page is only available in the contact portal if it has been enabled by a company administrator.


  1. Log in to the contact portal.
  2. In the menu on the left of the portal page click Subscriptions.
    The Subscriptions page opens, displaying the static distribution lists grouped by workspace.
  1. A cleared selector icon selector icon is clear indicates that a distribution list is available for subscription. Click the icon if you want to subscribe to the list.
  2. A selected icon selector icon is ticked indicates that you're subscribed to a list. Click the icon if you want to unsubscribe from the list.
  3. Click Save to update your subscriptions.
    If you selected any distribution lists that require approval prior to subscription, your request will be processed by a company administrator. See Approve pending distribution list subscription requests.

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