Review your details in the contact portal

You can use the contact portal to self-manage the contact details that are held in your contact profile in the Whispir platform.

Important! Your company may have customised the portal to allow you view-only access to your details or full edit access. As the information held in Whispir is vital to being able to contact you please ensure your company wants you to update this information or just to review it by contacting your company administrator before making any changes.


  1. Log in to the contact portal.
  2. In the menu on the left of the portal page click My Profile.
    Your current contact details held in the Whispir platform are displayed.
  1. Review your details and update them if necessary.
    Fields marked with an asterisk * are mandatory.
  2. Review the Default Notification Options section:
    • Select or clear the check boxes beside each channel (Email, SMS and Voice) to allow or prevent messages being sent to you via that channel.
    • Specify the primary, secondary and tertiary selections if you want to allow messages to be escalated if they’re initially undeliverable. For example, if you have a work email address and a personal email address, the message could be forwarded to your personal address if the work address couldn’t be reached.

    Important! If you clear a message channel check box you will not receive messages sent to you via that channel. Message senders will be unaware of this when messaging you.

  3. Click Submit.

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