About the Contact API module

Whispir’s Contact API module provides contact management integration with external systems. This allows companies to keep contact details that are held outside of Whispir – in systems such as SAP or Human Resources or a CRM – as the ‘source of truth’ and periodically import those contacts into Whispir workspaces.

Features of the Contact API module are applied as required and may include:

  • Customised contact profile fields to match data fields in the source system
  • Single file .CSV file import via SFTP with PGP encryption
  • Import frequency as often as necessary
  • Automatic deletion of unneeded contact records
  • Contact mapping rule setup to move contacts to only the workspaces they need access to.

The Contact API module is an optional Whispir module designed specifically to suit your contact data import requirements. The behaviour of contact add, update and delete functions using the Contact API module is significantly different to Whispir’s ‘classic’ import contacts feature. For more information about the module talk to your Whispir account manager or contact the Whispir Support Team (support@whispir.com).

Note: The ‘classic’ import contacts feature is better suited to importing contacts on an ad hoc basis only.

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