Remove a user from a workspace

Role: Company Administrator

This topic explains how to remove a user from a workspace via the User Manager feature.

Note: You can also remove one or more users from a single workspace via the Add Members to Workspace page. See Add or remove multiple workspace users.


  1. Open the Manage Users page (click administration sidebar icon > Administration sidebar > User Manager).
  2. Locate the user and in the Company Role column click their company role.

Tip! Click show filter button to use the filter options to help you find the user.

click role in the company role column

The View/Edit Company Users page opens. It lists all the workspaces the user has been assigned to.

  1. Click Remove beside the relevant workspace and then click OK in the message to confirm your action.
remove a user from a workspace
  1. Click Save.
    The user no longer has access to the workspace.

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