Assign users to workspaces

Role: Company Administrator

When you create a new user account the user is initially only given access to the default My Company workspace. You use the Assign Users to Workspaces page to assign them to all the workspaces where they’ll be doing work in Whispir. It’s also possible to use this page to assign multiple users to multiple workspaces in one go.

Note: Alternatively, you can assign one or more users to a single workspace via the Add Members to Workspace page. See Add or remove multiple workspace users.


Note: The process below lets you assign any users whose status is Pending, Inactive or Active.

  1. Open the Assign Users to Workspaces page (click administration sidebar icon > Administration sidebar > Assign Workspace).
  2. In the Step 1 section select one or more users on the list to assign to workspaces.
    (Press and hold the CTRL key to select multiple separate entries, or press and hold the SHIFT key to select a block of entries.)
  3. In the Step 2 section select one or more workspaces that you want to assign the selected users to.
  4. Click Assign.
    The users now have access to those workspaces.
  5. Note: Users are automatically assigned the default workspace role when they’re added to a workspace (this is typically Workspace Member, which is configured on the Company Permissions page). If you need to adjust a user’s role you do that on the View/Edit Company Users page. See Change a user’s company or workspace role.

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