About User Manager

Role: Company Administrator

The User Manager function lets you create new users and control access to Whispir user accounts (suspend, reactivate or delete an account, reset passwords, import users in bulk). You can also use it to change a user’s company and workspace roles. Click administration sidebar icon > Administration sidebar > User Manager to open the Manage Users page.

High-level steps for adding a new user

Note: See Add a new user and activate their account for full details.

  1. Add a new user
    Create the user’s profile with a username and contact details. The new user’s status is Pending; they can’t access the Whispir platform yet.
  2. Approve a pending user
    The user status changes to Inactive and they receive an account activation email.
  3. Activate the user
    A user's status can change to Active in two ways:
    • The user clicks the link in their activation email, unlocks their account and changes their password. They only have access to the My Company workspace at this point.
    • You, as a company administrator, manually activate their account and then contact the user to give them their username and password.
  4. Assign the user to workspaces
    You assign them to the workspaces they’ll be working in. (This step can be done even while their status is Pending or Inactive.)
  5. View or edit the user’s company-level and workspace-level roles
    The user's role permissions are set in their company-level role and also in their workspace-level role for every workspace they’re assigned to. You may need to change the roles if the user needs a different level of access.

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