Configure SMS settings

Role: Company Administrator

SMS settings are used to configure sender information for outbound SMS messages. Configuration settings vary depending on your company's specific requirements. They may also vary according to the region you're in and the region you're sending messages to.

One SMS message can contain up to 160 characters (depending on the character set used). Special characters and some character sets, such as Chinese, Japanese or Arabic scripts, use more bytes than Roman characters. Similarly, including dynamic values (such as @@ tags)in an SMS message can add to the character count. If the content of a Whispir message exceeds the limit, Whispir concatenates multiple SMS messages to complete the delivery. See About SMS message length for more information.

Whispir SMS settings determine whether long messages can be sent, how many messages can be concatenated to deliver a long message and how message subject information is displayed.


  1. Open the Company Settings page (click administration sidebar icon > Administration sidebar > Company Settings).
  2. In the Settings pane on the left expand Messaging and click SMS.
  3. Configure the settings as required, referring to the table below for more information.
  4. Click Save.
Option Meaning

SMS Limit

Sets a limit on the number of outbound SMS messages that can form one concatenated message. If the number exceeds the SMS length limit, the message will be cut off when the limit is reached.

Regional maximums apply due to service provider limitations.

Singapore clients can only have a maximum of 3 SMS messages sent at once.

Include Subject In

Configures whether the message subject will appear in the first, all or none of the concatenated SMS messages sent.

Remove “From” nicknames from all SMS messages

In order to identify the source of certain SMS replies (being sent to a user), Whispir includes an ‘F:[nickname/number]’ at the beginning of the message; for example, ‘F:61487659313’. This only applies to some SMS text-in and reply situations. Generally, displaying an ‘F:[nickname/number]’ is not regarded as useful for recipients, and the check box is therefore selected by default.

Clear the check box if you want to allow nicknames/numbers to be added in those situations.

Manage Duplicates

Controls what to do if a recipient exists in a message sendout more than once. For example, they’re on multiple distribution lists or their mobile phone number occurs more than once (such as in a bulk message where a recipient is listed more than once with the same mobile phone number).

  • Select Remove duplicates from messages (default setting) to remove a duplicated recipient. The recipient will only be sent one message.
  • Select Do not remove duplicates from messages to allow recipients to receive a message for every instance they are on the recipient list.

Long SMS

Select the check box to enable message concatenation.

Delay When Using Alert

Messages sent with the Message Alert feature enabled will first deliver a message alert, followed by the message content. This setting can be used to configure the delay between receiving a message alert and receiving the SMS message.

For more information on enabling message alerts see Understand a message’s Features tab (for ‘classic’ messages) or Understand a message’s Features settings (for Rich Message Studio messages).

No Reply SMS Sender ID

Select the check box to enable alphanumeric SMS headers, and then enter the sender ID (as an alphanumeric value, with no spaces).

Only messages sent with No Reply enabled will be received from the sender ID if it is configured in this setting.

Note: Alphanumeric headers are supported on primary networks and destinations only. They may not present correctly on some networks or when sent to international destinations. Please test prior to use. For more information about using this functionality contact the Whispir Support Team (

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