Run the Usage report

Role: Company Administrator

You can run reports to show the breakdown of your company’s message usage across all delivery channels: mobile (SMS messaging, including read receipts and message alerts), push notifications and email, rich messaging and voice (and possibly chat, if it has been enabled for your company). Data can be shown for all users or all workspaces or just specific users or workspaces.


  1. Open the Billing and Usage page (click administration sidebar icon > Administration sidebar > Billing and Usage).
    It opens at the Historic Usage view.
  2. In the Report Period field either:
    • Select a predefined reporting period (such as ‘Last Billing Period’), or
    • Select Custom and then enter the From and To dates for the custom reporting period.
billing and usage page
  1. In the Collate data by field select either Workspace or User.
  2. Note: The third option, Cost Centre, is not currently active.

  3. Wait for the page to refresh.
    It now displays all usage data for either workspaces or users, depending on which option you selected.
  4. If required, further refine the data by selecting specific workspaces or specific users:
  1. Click View to refresh the usage data based on your selected workspaces or users.
    The default report view is SMS but you can also click Push and Email, Rich Messaging (By Channel) and Voice (and Chat, if available) to view usage data for each delivery channel.
view usage data by delivery channel
  1. To export the data for all delivery channels as a .XLS file click Export.

Note: In the exported report the totals in the SMS, Push and Email columns include the totals from the Rich via SMS, Rich via Push and Rich via Email columns.

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