Set up an inbound gateway using address mapping

Role: Company Administrator

Whispir offers SMS Text-In, Email API and Email to SMS functionality.

  • SMS Text-In and Email API enable a Whispir message to be sent via SMS or email to a gateway phone number or email address to trigger an action that has been predetermined by your company (in an API mapping). The message is received in both SMS and email formats.
  • Email to SMS lets users create an email message and send it to anyone as an SMS message.

Important! The address mapping setup work outlined below is performed by Whispir’s Enablement Team on behalf of our customers. If you need more information about this functionality contact the Whispir Support Team (


  1. Open the Address Mapping page (click administration sidebar icon > Administration sidebar > Address Mapping).
  2. Hover over the address mapping type you want to set up and then click Create.


address mapping page

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