About Administration settings

Role: Company Administrator

In Whispir, admin tasks are performed by users who have the role of Company Administrator. This role gives them access to settings that relate to users, permissions and workspaces, and any configurations that affect workspaces within your company. See About roles and permissions.

Administration work is performed via the Administration sidebar, which you access by clicking the admin icon administration sidebar icon on the User Options toolbar at the top of the Whispir window.

Note: As a company administrator you might not have access to all possible functions on the Administration sidebar. It depends on the permissions assigned to your Company Administrator role and how Whispir has been configured for your company.

Company administrator responsibilities can include:

  • Creating, activating and suspending Whispir user accounts
  • Creating workspaces and assigning users to them
  • Ensuring company-level and workspace-level role permissions are updated in line with your company's requirements
  • Providing support to users
  • Raising queries and issues with the Whispir Support Team
  • Ensuring that whole-of-company and individual workspace configurations are suitable
  • Managing the quality of contact details across workspaces, especially if the Contact API Module is in use
  • Managing the publishing of configurations and integrations such as RSS feeds, web page updates, social media publishing and dashboards
  • Managing the sharing of data between workspaces for contacts, templates, response rules and distribution lists.

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Tip! The words ‘Role: Company Administrator’ appear at the top of all admin-related topics to indicate that they’re relevant only to users who are company administrators.